SIRC-Supported Research

SIRC’s approach has been—and continues to be—to sponsor new research in areas where deficiencies and limitations in the existing data have led to less-than-definitive conclusions. In 2019, SIRC completed and published an updated comprehensive human health risk assessment as a capstone to our 30-year research program and to update the 2002 Harvard risk assessment. The project, like all SIRC-funded research, serves to fulfill our product stewardship mission.

SIRC has worked closely over the years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Research and Development (ORD) and other regulatory agencies in developing protocols for a number of the research projects it has sponsored. SIRC also commissions independent reviews of existing health effects studies. Scientific research and literature reviews underwritten by SIRC are sponsored with the intention that final reports will be published in appropriate peer-reviewed journals.

The total cost of SIRC-sponsored research program exceeds $20 million. SIRC’s commitment to science has produced a credible, reliable—and still growing—information resource for regulatory decision-making. The science that SIRC has sponsored has followed a well-defined, orderly program to ensure that each research project builds on findings from past studies—starting with an understanding of styrene’s environmental fate and leading through various steps to human risk assessment using the wealth of data developed since SIRC’s organization in 1987.

For a complete list of SIRC-sponsored research through 2017, download this summary document.